Here at Metropa Mods (c) we strive to bring you the finest in designer quality painting modifications for Retro Consoles, Computer Towers, Automotive, Tech Accessories, Console Shells, Instruments, Console Accessories and much more. Metropa Mods uses only the highest in quality automotive industry paints sponsored by Createx Colors and House of Kolor in thousands of colors which executes brilliant results.

We supply opaques, candy dyes, chameleon shift, gem sift, prismatic flares, flake, two-tone and much more. All custom paint jobs result in matte clear, or showroom high gloss cut and buffed to completion for glass like results.

Metropa Mods can be found locally for purchase at Retro City Games via Las Vegas, or online at (launching May 2018).

To stay updated on our latest releases be sure to visit or @metropa via Instagram. Ride The Prisimwave! (c) -Metropa Mods